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1939 Vintage
A look at arguably the greatest year in Hollywood history.

A Western is a Western is a Western
Place or time it's still a Western

Acolytes at the Alter of Oz
The timeless masterpiece is examined in all the glory of its Technicolor magic. Details of the box edition included.

Acting Presidential
What actor would you vote whose screen persona best exemplified the fabric of the president of the United States? Check act Acting Presidential for a look at the many actors who have coveted The Oval Office.

AFI 100
The American Film Institute presents 400 films to select a best 100 from. 

Anthony Quinn
A larger than life screen presence brought joy to audiences for six decades. Anthony Quinn had a rare zest for life that was invested in many of his roles. Long live his memory. Click on the image for a look at his career.

Any Day Danny Kaye
The daffy world of Danny Kaye includes some classic Hollywood comedy 

Bitch Brigade
A line-up of lean-lipped actresses who marched through Hollywood in a high heeled goose step armed with razor sharp dialogue.

Bitch DVD
A compendium of bitches on DVD from  Bette Davis to Sharon Stone can be seen slithering around on DVD.

Blonde Bimbos of the Big Screen
Screen goddesses of yesteryear  

Body Parts
 Take a look at the collection of body parts Hollywood uses on film, severed and otherwise.

Compressionist's Nightmare
An interview with WAMO's DVD Compressionist Jim Babinski 

Capturing Kennedy
Steven Culp extracts the essence of Robert F. Kennedy in Roger Donaldson's outstanding feature Thirteen Days. Culp recently shared insights on the performance and his career with Films on Disc.

Director Walks the Wire
Balanced by an armor of movie lore and filmmaking daring, director John Herzfeld (15 Minutes and 2 Days in the Valley)  is comfortable walking the high wire. Check out this interview by Stu Kobak. 

DVD Calling
Too many great titles are absent from DVD.

There are plenty of Best Picture Academy Award© winners currently available on DVD, but that's not the whole picture. Click on the image for another view.

Epic Images of Kurosawa
Four great epic films of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa are examined in detail  

Exquisite Muse of Zhang Yi-Mou
China's premiere director and its most beautiful star

Fastballs in Japan
A fact and fiction mix of insights into baseball as played by Americans in Japan. 

Gotta Dance
Astaire, Kelly, Rogers all trip the light fantastic during Hollywood's golden era. 

Hail, Hail, the Gangs in Hollywood
Gang movies in Hollywood provide sparkling movie viewing 

The art of the heist film and the directors who made them.

Hollywood Nose Pix
Is North by Northwest Hollywood's definitive exploration of the nose? From schnozzles to beezeers, film mavens make the most of the foremost.

Hollywood on the Sidelines
The coach is the center of attraction in these movies, pacing the sidelines and driving his players to new heights.

John Ford: Interview with a Dead Director
It's an interview with the legendary director made possible through dreams.


Kim Aubry: Transferring Zoetrope's Vision
American Zoetrope's Technical Director talks about bringing the studios product out in the best light. Click on the image for the interview.

Made for Second Billing
The B movie, conceived in poverty and dedicated to the proposition of double features in movie theaters often rose above its limited artistic origins. Click on the B for more.

Man of the West
Screen legend Gary Cooper won two Academy Awards© as Best Actor during a career that included 114 Hollywood films. Click on his image for a bio and poster images.

Meals on Reels
Spread your table with an array of movies dishing out food in varied glory and disgust.  Check out some of these gems that provide shimmering food images. Click on the image for more.

Michael Curtiz: Directed Passion.
From The Adventures of Robin Hood to Casablanca, director Michael Curtiz made movies that delighted audiences. 

Movie Mags on the Net
Movie magazine have made a full-scale invasion of the Net and online users are getting big benefits. Boutique publications are competing with the big boys presenting a wealth of movie information. 

Movie Rage: Death in the Aisles
Everyone knows what it feels like to get angry at the movies these days. Here's a humorous but not so delightful view of big screen misery.  

Noir and Noir Again
Film Noir made a resurgence with the release of Lawrence Kasdan's 1985 Body Heat. Check out some of these neo noirs.

Nobody's Perfect
Billy Wilder left movie lovers a legacy of cinematic treasure. From defining Film Noir to outrageous comedy, writer/director Wilder delivered the goods with consummate style.

Oscar's® Formula One
Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have a soft spot reserved for peers taking on the battle of the bottle. Click on the bottle to learn more about the magic of Oscar® Formula One.

Passing the Celluloid Baton
Sharing movie experiences from generation to generation is a precious gift.

Puttin on the Ritz
A cavalcade of musical remakes on laser 

Redeeming the Writer: A Chat with Frank Darabont
The director of The Shawshank Redemption talks about his career and writing. 

Robert A. Harris: Tilting at Hollywood
Interview with Hollywood's preeminent film preservationist 

Roman Holiday
Join the editor and his family on a trip through Roman movie sites. 

Screen Voices
The distinctive voices of screen actors and actresses make the difference 

Severe Jump-Cut Disorder
The author suffers through a cinematic intrusion of daily reality. 

Spencer on Baseball
Excerpts from the 1972 interview of an American baseball player in Japan. 

Sturges Emerges
The madcap work of Preston Sturges was a comic film cocktail mixed by a master bartender.  

Thorough a Lens, Obliquely
Flicks about Hollywood make fascinating material, but the establishment isn't always totally forthcoming. Click on the Hollywood montage for a look at some of the best Hollywood films about the movie-making business.

Turner Turns on the Heat
Kathleen Turner's may have burst on the scene firing sex from both barrels, but the actress has shown a rare versatility between sex goddess and comic diva.

Vietnam: The Hollywood Pariah
The movie industries treatment of Vietnam.

Watching Movies or Watching Video
Don't lose sight of why you bought that DVD in the first place.


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Truman Show/A,A-
Powered by the consummate taste and directing perfection of Peter Weir. Jim Carrey gives a marvelous performance. Not to be missed!

The  Movie Poster Archive includes extensive poster images from the films of stars like Susan Hayward, Kirk Douglas, Katharine Hepburn and many more. Our featured star is William Holden.

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